Northumberland Wedding Photographers view why do you need a professional wedding photographer.

Northumberland Wedding Photographers view. Why do you need a professional wedding photographer?


It's your special day and you have probably been planing your Wedding Day for over a year.

You have a budget and you love your venue. You love the cake, the table settings and special tie backs. You want to travel there in style, horse and carriage or Rolls Royce. You want all your friends and family to attend, all past school friends or Uni friends. But the budget is getting tight, so where do you make the cuts.

I know I have been there and yes I cut the photographer out. I was young and got a good friend who had a nice camera to take our wedding pictures. This is one of the greatest regrets of my life. 

Do I still know and keep in touch with all these friends? Some but only a few. I've been happily married for over 35 yrs and when my wife and I look back at our photographs we wish we had made the cuts somewhere else. 

A good photographer will always aim to capture your moments and the key to this in photography terms is good exposure learnt through years of experience. They will be conscious of your surroundings as best they can, but sometimes that intimate moment between newly weds has to be captured regardless.

Take for example the below images. The couple grab an intimate moment in a beautiful location with the stain glass and stair way, away from the madding crowd. A picture tells a thousand words. Unfortunately they are surrounded by two fire extinguishers and various electric wall fittings and signs which detract from the image.

You choose.

Which one would you prefer?

This is where your professional photographer can enhance your images through skills they have acquired over time. These are not 5 minute fixes. For the 10 hrs of photography they will probably spend days going through the 1500 images or more taken and enhancing your final images of your big day.

Many people think photography is just a case of point and shoot. I wish it was. The 10 hrs or 12 hrs day is only the start of the photographers workflow. On average a full day can result in 1500 to 2000 images to view and rate. More time is spent behind a computer screen and expensive software than the actual camera capturing the shot.

Here is another example below. This image pretty much came out the camera with very little to do. But again do you want light sockets showing on the canvas you  picked to go on your wall as a continued reminder of your wedding day?

I once captured a photograph which turned out to be very special for someone to this day. The picture at the time when taken didn't mean a great deal to me, but it meant the world to them a few years later. There was a third person in the background and once removed the whole nature of the image altered.

Any professional photographer will do the best of their ability to make your images the best they can be.

Stress of a wedding or ill health can effect your appearance. Although this may be temporary, your wedding images are captured that day. You can not go back and do it all again.

But here is where your professional photographer comes in. They will ensure you look your best on your wedding day by making subtle enhancements.

So when Uncle Bert with his new camera says he can take your wedding photographs, think twice as it is a once in a life time occasion and you can not go back to retake them if you are not happy with the results.

bride and groom beside lake and country house

Unfortunately I am fully aware of this, so I pass on this advice with the greatest of sincerity. Choose which ever photographer you wish, but please make sure they are a professional and check out their portfolio prior to booking. Try to meet up with them before you book and see how you gel. Your going to be close to them the majority of your wedding day and it is essential you have confidence in them.

Good luck and all the best for the future.


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