Northumberland Wedding Photographers view on what to wear on your Pre Wedding Shoot - Engagement Shoot?

Northumberland Wedding Photographers view on what should you wear on your pre wedding shoot or engagement shoot???

And the answer is anything you wish !!!!!! (Well 99% of the time)


So you need to know what to wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot?

Here at Captured Moments Wedding Photography, a Northumberland based wedding photography business,  we tell all our clients to wear what means something special to them, but also what they feel comfortable in.

Its not about the clothes you wear, but the connection between you both which results in great images. Your pre wedding shoot can be anywhere you want that means something to you, like our latest couple Nicky and Conrad who chose a location that meant something to both of them.

The most important aspect of the pre wedding shoot ( or engagement shoot) is exactly that.......... to engage with your photographer,  have some fun and relax in each others company before the big day.

Here at Captured Moments Wedding Photography  we always  include a pre-wedding or engagement  photo shoot with our  wedding packages.  We love a challenge, love to be different and add a personal touch to our service.  

MULTIPLICITY shot on pre wedding shoot

Why do we do that?

Well, there are a few reasons.

Firstly it gives us the chance to get to know each other a little better before the big day and an opportunity to run through a few of the  posing techniques before the wedding. This is kind of a trial run or practice session before your big day. It enables  you to relax and get used to the camera.

I can't imagine turning up on someones big day without first doing a pre wedding shoot. It would be like a stranger turning up at your door !!! You want to feel comfortable on your wedding day. So thats why we do it!

Lastly, it gives our couples some gorgeous photos, which can be used for invites, save the date cards, or a wedding website.

What to wear:

Any thing you want !!!

99% of the time wear pretty much anything. 

But the 1% to be careful of is to avoid loud crazy  patterns, checks or colours that may draw the eye away from your face. Also avoid anything that may clash with your partner’s choice. Simple as that.    If you want to dress more formal and happy to do so that's great. There your images. But if a T-shirt and cut jeans is more your style then go for it. Again it's about capturing your interaction with each other.

I encourage my clients to dress for comfort, as anything else will  affect the quality and natural poses of your photos. 

I would advise you compliment each others in the photos. 

What do you want from the shoot?

If you want the pictures for a photo to use as an invitation or guest book, it may be different from a casual save the date card.

Dress for the location of the shoot.

If you are having your shoot on the beach, think about your footwear and any outfits you have that may suit like my latest clients Nicky and Conrad. They were an amazing couple who threw themselves into the photo shoot ;  

'It's not just about the Photo BUT the engagement in the Photo'............When a couple engage in the photo- it makes for a great image.

Here’s a few of my  recent pre-wedding pictures of the lovely couple who embraced the idea of the pre wedding shoot and it truly reflected in the images that resulted...a couple in love.

They both love their fitness and training together so what an appropriate way to capture their 'Save the Date' images but on one of their training days at a location on the Northumberland coast that means something special to both of them and has a place in their hearts.

They were comfortable, relaxed and this enabled their feelings for each other to come through onto the images. 

Dress for the weather!!!

Wind, sun, rain or shine!!!  Dress accordingly for the weather conditions or time of the year, but again be comfortable at the shoot.

What not to wear !!!

Just that 1% just avoid loud crazy  patterns or colours and anything that may clash with your partner’s choice.

Do you need a change in outfit???

I would say no, unless a very simple change of top, so as not to affect the flow of the shoot. The first five minutes of the shoot are generally not the best as it is not until after this time couples start to relax and the images become more natural than staged. But some couples take to it straight away. Again it's not just the a photograph but the engagement between two people that is captured at that moment.

Here at Captured Moments that is our goal not to capture a photograph but the moments within the photograph.

The Pre Wedding shoot is invaluable but don't worry too much about the wardrobe, the most important thing is your interaction with each other and the photographer capturing these moments. It also gives the photographer the opportunity to assess which shots to go for on your wedding day, that he feels you will be comfortable with, as on a normal wedding day time is not always available to try out shots.

Hope you have found this article helpful and it has helped you relax about what to wear on your pre wedding shoot. The Photographer wants to capture your interaction and love for one another and that's in your eyes and not what you're wearing. So the most important thing is to relax and have fun in each others company and let the photographer capture those moments.

If you liked what you have seen and are getting married in Northumberland or North East England then why not pop across to our website and let us Capture your Wedding day Moments.

Thanks for stopping bye and from all of use at Captured Moments Wedding Photography have a Great Wedding Day!!!

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