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10 Save the Date ideas!!

You have a ring on your finger and know its time to tell everyone you know!!You want to announce your upcoming wedding? Here's how you can do it.


Your first step is sending a 'Save the Date' notices as this pre-invitation officially announces your wedding date and lets guests know that they will, in fact, be invited to celebrate your wedding with you whether its the formal ceremony or the night time celebration.


Where do I start?

Q. Do we have to send a save-the-date?

Yes you do. Its an expected courtesy to help your guests prepare or immediate family who wouldn't want to miss your day can then arrange their plans or annual holiday around your date. It will give your guests a heads up about your wedding plans and sending a save-the-date will increase your guests chances of attending your celebration.

 letter or mail but make sure everyone knows!

 letter or mail but make sure everyone knows!

Q. When do you send them?

As a general rule you should send your news about 12 months prior to the ceremony. At 6 months your more likely to send your wedding invitations and the save the date is kind of like a warning for the big event. So yes 12 months is a good idea.When you think about it some people book their holidays a year ahead. It will give your  wedding guests plenty of time to book their travel, accommodation, child care or save a bit of cash for your wedding gift!!

12 months is a good general rule for a                                save-the-date

12 months is a good general rule for a                                save-the-date

Q. Who do we send 'Save the Dates' to?

I know it's kind of obvious, but to the people that you want to come to your wedding. Let me explain a bit. Even if you've already verbally informed certain guests or friends , you should still send them a save-the-date as a written confirmation. There's such a lot happening with planning a wedding you would hate to miss someone off, so dont get stressed just send out the written reminder. Also if your computer friendly, why not do a spreadsheet with all your guests on. You can tick off 'Save the Dates' and invitations off as sent and any RSVP's

Give yourself plenty of time and less tress!

Give yourself plenty of time and less tress!

Q. What shall we say?

Your save-the-date should include your  names, wedding date, location of church and reception. An RSVP shouldn't be expected this is just a shout out of from you letting everyone to be aware of your date when planning their lives.

Q. What should your save-the-dates  look like?

Anything you wish. This is your opportunity to let your style as a couple really shine. The web is abound with ideas. I do like a fridge magnet reminder. I've still got about six on my fridge from couples who's wedding I have been to. I even have some from clients whose weddings I've photographed!! 

Q. How do we send our save-the-dates?

Its an electronic age so you could you could email, use social media, twitter etc. But good old stationery  covers everyone from young to older relatives or friends that may not be so computer savy and anyway they may want it as a keepsake.

Q. Who's invited on your save the date?

It's best you are  clear about who you are inviting  to your wedding. It saves any embarrassment down the road in the future by including the actual names of every intended guest on the envelope. Make it clear on your notice about who's invited as it gives families with uninvited kids ample time to plan for child care. 

Q. What if we send save-the-dates and our plans change?

This scenario is very unlikely, but hotels do close down. Your ceremony should be safe so at the end of the day your 'save the date' still applies. Any changes of an unexpected change of plans, your best bet is to pick up the phone, email, facebook etc to start spreading the word. The chances of this are most unlikely but its always handy to have some ideas for a contiguous plan. 

          its your day to remember but make sure your guest remember your date to!

Q. Any other information you could include.

You could include a link to your wedding website or facebook page or any other social media site you use. Then your guests are in the loop and they might like to see how your wedding plans are developing.

Q. What Stationary to use?

Put a search into Google and you can choose from a vast amount of designs, and material from wood, metal, acetate, business card size, to post card size, and eco friendly recycled materials. You can use pre made templates or design your own to your own personal choice. You can use even add photographs from an engagement shoot or a save the date shoot which makes it even more personal. 

Well hope this helps and has given you some ideas. 

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