Northumberland Wedding Photography Guide for Brides and Grooms.

Northumberland Wedding Photography Guide for Brides and Grooms.

Wedding events don’t happen often, so preparing something special is imperative. Events such as weddings, need detailed planning and organisation to create a day all the guests will enjoy.

Among the most important considerations are Venue, Dress, Flowers, Cake, Food, Stationary and the Photographer. Any big occasion won’t be complete in the absence of quality photographs of the event to be a record for time ever lasting.

The good thing is that here at Captured Moments Wedding Photography , wedding specialists in Northumberland,  we deliver your expectations when it comes to your wedding photography and take a pride in both Quality and Value.

The best thing about the internet you have a chance to ensure you don’t have any issues with the photographer you hire, because you have the opportunity to check out their work online.

Unfortunately, a number of couples prefer going for the first photographer they find, or the one recommended from the venue rather than searching for the best alternatives. Best to do some footwork and find someone who's work you like and are happy to work with.

wedding groomsmen beside vw camper van

You wouldn’t book a venue without forgetting to check it out!!

You wouldn't book your cake without tasting a sample.....or two😁

Do the same with your photographer. Check them out!!!

The photographer should be able to present samples of their work online. If you like their work the next step should be to meet up and see if you gel with them. Pick the kind of photographer who loves their work and takes pride in the images they present to their clients.

northumberland bride in front of window

Look for a photographer who will capture those moments you wish to treasure a lifetime.

bride and groom head shot
bride and groom first kiss
bride and groom confetti shot

Meeting a person personally helps you decide whether or not their the one for you both. Reliable photographers recognise the importance of  meeting their clients.

Check out what is on offer in their packages and there are no hidden extras. Do you get 60 images and have additional fees if you wish to add more images!!!  Do not fail to assess or evaluate the full package content. They should be clearly outlined by the photographer.

Photography services are not created equal. Some of them offer a full service, but then hidden extras appear. Before hiring anyone, make sure you know the content of what you’re paying for.

Their packages should be clearly laid out and easy to understand. Here at Captured Moments Wedding Photography in Northumberland we aim for clarity with all our clients. Check out our Client packages as an example @ Captured Moments Wedding Photography  

Make sure you have a written agreement and understand the details of the terms and conditions.


Be sure to pay extra attention to the people you hire. From the quality of their images up to their complete service quality, it’s vital to go for those who can give you the best-value service you deserve.

wedding bride durham castle in green dress
bride and groom black and white image
bride and groom wedding breakfast
bride in front of window Wedding Photographer (1048).jpg
bride and groom carlowrie castle

Have a great wedding and hopefully this advice has been helpful in your choice of wedding photographer whoever you decide to go with.

Have a Great Wedding

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