How to Choose your Wedding Photographer in 2018

How to choose your Wedding Photographer in 2018

Are you trying to choose your wedding photographer? Here at Captured Moments Wedding Photography, a professional wedding photography service based in the heart of Northumberland we have put together some tips to picking your wedding photographer.

When should you consider booking your photographer?


As soon as you have confirmed a date with your venue. The best photographers book up over a year in advance for popular dates and should only ever photograph one wedding a day.

There are lots of professional photographers available, but finding the one which you both feel comfortable with is so important. They are going to be with you all day and it is important to meet up before your big day to make sure you are going to be comfortable with them.

You will have seen their work as it can be easily viewed online. It may be tempting to just accept an offer of free photography from an amateur photographer, perhaps a friend or family member, but this is something you should think carefully about. Professional photographers, particularly those specialising in wedding photography, have spent years perfecting the art of getting great natural shots of you and your guests, and most importantly have the editing and presentation skills to produce images you will treasure a lifetime.

Northumberland Bride by

Choosing a Wedding Photographer Checklist

12 Questions to consider when choosing your Wedding Photographer

  • Do they offer full-day coverage, from Bridal preparations right up to your first dance?

  • How long are their packages?

  • What is included in their wedding packages?

  • Have they photographed weddings at your venue before?

  • Do they work with an assistant or alone?

  • How soon after your wedding will your images be ready?

  • What is their style of photography. Do they shoot in a journalistic style? If they do, will  they also do some traditional wedding photos?

  • How many photos do they generally take?

  • Do you have full rights to the images to copy, share, print, and place on social media? After all their your images but some can include restrictive use!!

  • Before booking, check your photographer has the proper insurance. they should have public liability in the event a guest trips over their equipment.

  • What are the charges for extra's like albums an additional USB or Cd for parents?

  • Are their Packages clearly described with no hidden charges? Pricing includes VAT!

What to do next?

Now to narrow it down.

Hopefully you have met your photographer so you have a feel for them and have researched their work. So ask yourself the following to decide on your choice. 

  • Do I feel a positive connection with this photographer and their work?

  • Am I comfortable and confident with this person’s work?

  • Has this photographer listened well and addressed all my concerns?

  • Do I trust this person to capture the biggest day of my life?

What pictures should I ask for my wedding photographer to take?

This really depends on the style of the photographer you book. Hopefully you have done your research and viewed their online portfolio. Its important to see images of real weddings.

Start with Your Wedding Dress and Accessories

Bridal Preparation

Northumberland bridal preparation

A photojournalist will capture events as they unfold with out people having to pose and look at the camera. Most photographers will be happy to photograph the bride and groom getting ready and events as they unfold throughout the day. They will look for the natural shots that tell the story of your wedding day.

Bride and groom getting ready - must haves!

  • Bride and Bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done

  • Dress hanging, jewellery laid out, shoes etc.

  • Bouquets and buttonholes/corsages

  • Bride putting on dress/veil with help from Mother of The Bride or Bridesmaid

  • Bridal party having fun

  • Close up of dress details

  • Putting on jewellery

  • Putting on shoes

  • Close up of bride holding bouquet

  • Mother and bride portrait

  • Father and bride portrait

  • Bride spending moment alone

  • Bridal party walking down stairs/leaving the house

  • Bride and Father in Wedding Car/ Walking to ceremony

Bride beside window

Groom and Groomsmen getting ready
  • Best man adjusting Groom's tie

  • Groom spending moment alone

  • Wedding ring shots

  • Groom checking his speach

  • Best man checking he has the the rings!!

Wedding Day - Ceremony



  • Groom and Groomsmen waiting inside venue/church

  • Guests outside and inside church

  • Ushers handing out program

  • Bride and Groom at Altar

  • Bride arriving in wedding car

  • Bride stepping out of car





  • Bride and Bridesmaids at back of church
  • Bridal Party entrance

  • Bride walking up the aisle

  • Groom's reaction

  • Father/Mother giving bride away

  • Exchanging of vows

  • The first kiss as husband and wife.




  • Ring bearer
  • Exchanging of the rings

  • Participants such as readers etc.

  • Signing of register

  • Bride and Groom walking back down the aisle

  • Newlywed shot

  • Bride & Groom Couple Shots






  • Confetti throwing
  • Greeting guests outside venue

  • Portraits of the couple alone

  • Portraits of Bride on her own

  • Portraits of Groom on his own

  • Bridal Party

  • Bride and Groom with bridesmaids/groomsmen

  • Bride and Groom with bridal party






  • Bride with bridesmaids/maid of honour
  • Groom and groomsmen

  • Entire wedding party Family

  • Bride and Groom with her parents

  • Bride and Groom with his parents

  • Bride and Groom with both sets of parents

  • Bride and Groom with siblings

  • Bride and Groom with Bridal Party

Confetti Time

No Wedding is complete without the confetti shot!

Wedding Day - Reception
  • The reception space set up - before room fills up
  • Details and room decor shots - table settings, place cards, favours, candy buffet, centrepieces 
  • Wedding cake detail shots
  • Bride & Groom arriving
  • Toasts and Speeches
  • Cutting the cake

Bride and Grooms time alone

You need some time alone with your photographer just for your shots as Husband and Wife

Bride and Groom at Alnwick Treehouse
Bride and Groom at Alnwick Treehouse
Bride and groom standing at Alnwick Tree House
Bride and groom Alnwick Tree House
Bride and Groom in Pagoda
Bride and groom Alnwick Tree House -northumberland

First Dance

Your photographer should capture the first dance and night time entertainment. 

  • The first dance
  • Bride dancing with father
  • Groom dancing with mother
  • Bride and Groom mingling with guests
  • Guests dancing
  • Musicians, singers, DJ
Bride and Grooms first dance Northumberland Hotel

Fun shots!

Most professional photographers will know the standard shots to take but will be on the look out for those fun shots to capture as well, such as mum wiping her eyes, the groom reacting to the best mans speech, groom and best man having a carry on and of course children doing what they do best in front of a camera.

Captured Moments Wedding Photography image of Bride and Groom

How long will the photography take on the day?

Once again this depends on the style of photography you choose. A traditional photographer will take longer to do the group shots than a photo-journalistic photographer simply because he will do more group shots. Group shots can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the cooperation of your guests. Most photographers will require the bride and groom on their own for half an hour or so to get some shots of the two of them together, but this can be very special time together. Most  suggest you should allow an hour or so for photography but check with your photographer to see if this is long enough for the shots you want. Group shots take seconds to photograph but minutes to get everyone organised in the shot!!

How do I keep my guests occupied during the photographs?

Most guests are more than happy to stand and chat with each other for up to an hour whilst they may be required for the group shots. If the weather is bad then an interior shot may be required. 

What make a good Wedding Photographer?

I would say time, experience, knowledge and a constant desire to improve.

Its about constantly pushing yourself for new ideas and not just going through the motions. Its about bending and breaking all 'the rules' to deliver an amazing experience to wedding coupes. Most importantly it takes an open minded photographer to truly be a great photographer.

It’s not just a matter of how great the photographer thinks the images are, It’s the unique experience that can be deliver to the clients. After all, at the end of the day it’s the bride and groom who gets to decide the definition of a great image.

How much should my wedding photography cost?

I think there are 3 things to consider;

Quality / Cost / Value

1. Quality; Easily done by checking your photographers work. If your happy then you continue.

2. Cost; The photographers work may be of a standard you are more than happy with but is the Price? Photography prices can vary dramatically from photographer to photographer. Wedding photography can cost anything from £100 to £5000. Each Photographer may have a different opinion on their value. How long they have crafted their art. How much time, training and cost they have went to to acquire this experience. 

3. Value for money; This is your personal decision by considering the Quality of the Images against the Price. Are you getting value for money? If the photographers work is consistently outstanding then yes they may be well worth the £5000 expense. But is another photographers work as equally as good but more favourably priced? The thing about photography is that its out there for all to see and decide. This can often come down to personal choice of a particular style. So go with your gut but be mindfull of the cost.   

Camera shy?

It is natural to feel self conscious, and added to being in front of a camera, most people are not used to the constant attention they will be getting from their photographer. However, after the first few shots you will find that you naturally relax and start to form a relationship with the photographer, and even the camera. Remember, if you feel happy you will look happy and your wedding photographs will look great!

If your getting married in Northumberland then why not stop by and check out our wedding Gallery for more images 

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Hope this has been of some help in deciding your photographer. The main thing is don't rush in blind and hopefully with our guide and the questions to ask you may be more ready and informed with your decision making.

Good Luck and have a Great Wedding Day.


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