Northumberland Wedding Photographer-Captured Moments Wedding Photography goes North.

Northumberland Wedding Photographer goes North to Carlowrie Castle

Captured Moments Wedding Photography normally cover wedding photography in Northumberland, North East England, Co Durham, Tyne and Wear, but before easter we travelled up North to Carlowrie Castle to catch up with Jamie and Aillse due to get married in May at this stunning venue.

Wedding Photography can take you to many new exciting venues and this was the case when I met up with Aillse and Jamie for their free pre wedding shoot at Carlowrie Castle, near Edinburgh.

I arrived at the venue after doing some internet research on Google, but there's nothing like the real thing, as the images I had seen only touched on the many surprises this venue had to offer. Opened in May 2015, the newly renovated castle mixes contemporary modern luxury within a traditional setting. Built in 1852, Carlowrie is privately owned and it is one of Edinburgh’s most exciting new venues, located just under 10 minutes from Edinburgh Airport.

Jamie and Aillse had picked a very unique location as I was about to find out!

pre shoot carlowrie castle

We started off with a walk through the grounds and there were plenty of opportunities to have this Castle as a backdrop for their wedding day images.

carlowrie castle with engaged couple on pre wedding shoot

The gardens were peaceful and enchanting. As you walked along the gravel paths one garden would lead into another. We would come to a gate and on turning the latch you were greeted with another hidden gem with plenty of photo opportunities.

pre wedding shoot
one bride but four grooms
engagements pre shoot
couples on pre wedding shoot

Next we went inside the building and the exterior of the castle hid a modern contemporary interior. The proportion of the rooms at Carlowrie Castle provide a dramatic showcase for the owner’s international private collection of ‘Urban’ and ‘Pop’ art – a unique insight into the work of the world’s emerging artists. There are over 80 pieces of art from 25 countries.

engaged couple at piano
pre shoot carlowrie castle

We had a great day and I cant wait for their big day.

What locations can be used for the pre wedding shoot?

The pre wedding shoot can be at a mutually agreeable location, but I like to ideally take them at your venue as it helps you feel more relaxed on your wedding day. The location itself can be personal to you. Somewhere you got engaged, the venue, or somewhere that means something special to the both of you or just an amazing location like the one Jamie and Aillse have picked. I can't wait to capture the moments of their special day. 

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