Northumberland Wedding Photography - Worried about not looking your best on your Wedding Day?

Northumberland Wedding Photographer help at hand!

Brides don't worry!

Your Wedding Day is soon approaching and you worry about not looking your best.

Well don't!

 If you have chosen a professional photographer he is going to do his utmost to make you look your very best on your wedding day.

When you meet up with your photographer discuss and let him know of any worries you have. He will be experienced with exposure and lighting techniques he can use on the day. He should  also have the knowledge to use modern digital software techniques, like Photoshop the leading digital editing program, in the post production to help resolve any issues you may have.

That's why you have paid for the services of a professional photographer. Trust me he wants both you and his images to look their very best.

Below is the image of a very pretty girl who obviously suffers from a skin complaint. On her wedding day no doubt she will have makeup and hair completed for her big day. But like the make up artist the photographer also has his techniques at hand. I used these techniques not to alter her appearance as she is already very beautiful.  All I have done is remove her blemishes that would have disappeared naturally anyway. It's her special day and I or any other professional photographer would want her to look her best. 

Trust in your photographer but discuss any issues your are concerned about.

People in ordinary life tend to glance at other people they meet and do not hold sustained eye contact with another person for any extended length of time. They do not stand and scan for  every flaw but merely give a cursory glance. But with photographs it is the opposite. The image can get their full attention and the contents scrutinised. So any images a bride has should be presented in the most favorable way possible. My advice to you would be if you have any concerns, then bring them to the attention of your photographer, But they should already have it covered on your first introduction to assure you your images will be tastefully edited to make you look your best.

I do a free  engagement shoot for my clients and I find this helps put them at rest regards these very issues. They get to see their  images and know what to expect on their Wedding Day.

So calm down, don't worry and concentrate on enjoying your day!

Thanks for stopping by and if you are getting married in Northumberland then why not check out my website for further images. 

I'd love to photograph your wedding and capture your special moments.


Owner and founder of Captured Moments Wedding Photography

Alan Chapman

Owner and founder of Captured Moments Wedding Photography. Our company statement is simple 'Quality & Value'. We take pride in our images and the service we provd our customers and constantly raise the bar on quality of service.