Is Alnwick Tree House for your Wedding?

Is Alnwick Tree House For your Wedding?   

Independent review by Captured Moments Wedding Photography, Northumberland based Wedding Photography Service.

Lets put you out of the suspense ;0)

If your quirky, want a unique wedding venue where both you and your guests will never forget, then yes this venue is well worth putting on your list of venues to visit.

Alnwick Tree house wedding

I have photographed a number of weddings at this location and my view is totally impartial. I have no affiliations to the venue but pass on my views as a helpfull suggestion to any future Brides and Grooms out there looking for a Northumberland Wedding Venue.

Image of Alnwick Tree House

I have to say on my very first visit I thought it was a fantastic and unique wedding venue for any potential 'Bride & Grooms' looking for a venue their guests will never forget. Its enchanting, truly quirky and like a storybook venue straight out of a 'Harry Potter' novel.
Image out horse draw carriage at Alnwick Tree House

Nestled beneath an enchanting woodland canopy, The Treehouse offers exclusive evening ceremonies complemented by delicious locally produced food, hand selected wines and decadent cocktails. There is enough space to host ceremonies for 65 guests and receptions for 120 guests. The Tree House is perfect for a unique ceremony.

Bride and Groom at Alnwick Tree House, Northumberland.

Set in magical woodlands The Treehouse is set on stilts and uniquely built in to the surrounding woodland. The location here was really rather marvellous, woodland glades, and scenic views over the river Aln and Alnwick pastures nestling in the background. Thats if you ever notice it as most guests are viewing the tree house itslf and the rope walkways around it......the kids love running around these.

I have added a few images to help get an idea of the location and as this is written with a Bride and Groom in mind Many of the images include such couples.

Bride and Groom at Alnwick Tree House, Northumberland.

Couples can choose to have an outdoor ceremony which was conducted beneath a wooden dome on one of the many walkway to the Treehouse. The guests certainly get a wow factor and many guests compliment the location.

Couples travel from a far on their quest to find the perfect location for their wedding day. I think when they see the Tree House they fall in love with its one of a kind uniqueness and charm.

The Treehouse was a perfect setting for a wedding surrounded by trees bursting with red and copper leaf in Autum and flush with greens in the summer.

Its a relaxing setting with fairy lights dancing on the decking.

Bride and Groom at Alnwick Tree House, Northumberland.

Inside it continues its fairy tale theme from a roaring log fire to twinkling fairy lights everwhere. it make an ideal setting for some natural bridal shots.

So if your looking for something different and are looking for a wedding venue in Northumberland it is well worth a look!

Bride and Groom at Alnwick Tree House, Northumberland.
Bride and Groom at Alnwick Tree House, Northumberland.
Bride and Groom at Alnwick Tree House, Northumberland.

Good luck with your Venue hunting and Congratulations on your forthcoming Wedding.