Northumberland Wedding Photographers 'Save the Date' @ Alnwick Gardens

Northumberland Wedding Photographers

 'Save the Date' shoot in Alnwick Gardens.

Katy and James are getting married.

Photographs by Captured Moments Wedding Photography based in Northumberland.


I got to catch up and have  a great afternoon with Katy and James when we met in Alnwick Gardens for their 'Save the Date Shoot'.  What a wonderful time we had walking around the gardens picking various spots to stop at for a while and capture some moments for them. We originally met at a Wedding Fair at The White Swan in Alnwick and I knew from the start that they were going to be great fun to photograph and they were. It was great to catch up with them and see how their plans were going for their Wedding day which is on Saturday 16th December 2017 . I can't wait to photograph their day as it sounded perfect in every way. Following the ceremony the reception will be held in the impressive Olympic Room at The White Swan in Alnwick. 

Here at Captured Moments Wedding Photography we love having time like this, getting to know each other ahead of their day as well as getting to create some magical images too. It really does relax a Bride and Groom before their big day. It gives them time to relax in front of a camera and go through the photographers workflow.

But for now please enjoy some captured moments with Katy and James and wish them well for their future plans.

A great day at Alnwick Gardens ended all to soon but a hot cup of coffee was welcomed. We had a chat about Katy and James  wedding plans for their big day in December 2017.

 I highly recommend any prospective Bride and Groom out there to make sure your photographer gives you a pre wedding session like this. It helps so much to relax you in front of the camera. I was lucky with James and Katy as they were so relaxed and fun loving. Getting to know your photographer ahead of your special  day  will help to create some magical images.   There are some exciting times ahead where I’ll get to see these guys again before their wedding.

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